Cal Poly Soccer fans join forces and support their Mustangs.

“For one thing, it’s a form of involvement that surpasses anything else. These loyal fans know the names and jersey numbers of most, if not all, the Cal Poly players, & have turned some of the most famous English Premiere League chants into their own. They can yell louder than anyone else around.”

-Claire Raymond,
“The Mustang Manglers: Soccer Hooliganism at its Finest”
Manglers, Cal Poly, Soccer, Mens, Holocher

This data visualization shows what words were used the most in an article about The Mustang Manglers, written by Claire Raymond, a senior Journalism student from Cal Poly. Raymond has a blog about the Cal Poly soccer team and she wrote an entry about the Manglers, calling it Soccer Hooliganism at it Finest. The words in the visualization that came out the biggest are the words most used in the article. Some of theses words are “Manglers,” “Cal,” “Poly,” “Soccer” and “Hooliganism.” All words that are appropriate in describing the Manglers.

soccer, ball, Cal Poly, Mustangs, Manglers, Stephanie Moore

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